Elevating Diplomatic Journeys with Premier Embassy Chauffeur Services

In the heart of Central Europe, where culture meets diplomacy, our chauffeur company takes pride in providing impeccable embassy services in Bratislava and Vienna. With a commitment to excellence, we understand the unique needs of diplomatic missions, offering a seamless and prestigious transportation experience for ambassadors, dignitaries, and embassy staff.

Why is it important to choose a licensed and insured transport company?

Having a reliable company as a partner pays off especially in a situation where everything does not go according to plan. We don't have to go into an extreme situation - an unwanted traffic accident, in which the insurance company will reduce your insurance premium, but we can also start with a normal police road check, from where you will no longer be able to continue.

Vienna Airport Guide

If you are flying to the world, there is a good chance that you will be flying from Vienna's Schwechat Airport. Thanks to the reconstruction and expansion of the airport at the turn of the millennium, Vienna Airport can handle 30 million passengers a year.

How to book a taxi in Schwechat?

After clicking the Book now button in our menu, you will see our simple form. After filling in the basic information such as the date and time of collection, proceed to the addresses. 

The new Mercedes E-class. The last Stuttgart model with combustion engines

We showed you the first photos of the new German limousine thanks to a leak already in the afternoon, but at the moment the Mercedes E-class with the type designation W214 has had its official world premiere, so we can offer you the most important technical data, what you will find in the equipment and a cross-section of its most interesting technologies. 

Effective management in company transportation

Company trips are an integral part of the business activities of many companies. Employees often need to travel to different places, either within the country or abroad

Manual for trouble-free travel

Business travel is an integral part of today's global business. Whether it's short business trips or long-term projects abroad, proper planning and organization can ensure the smooth running and success of your business trip.